About our church

” And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved ” Acts 2 v 47

The church in Hinckley has a long history dating back to the 18th century when a Baptist work was first established in the town. It is an evangelical church adhering to the principles of the reformed faith. Over the years the church has met in several places, moving to its present location in Mount Road, Hinckley in 1975, which was built by the members of the church. Although an independent church it associates itself with Grace Baptist churches. Mount Road Baptist Church is an unregistered excepted charity under the supervision of the Charity Commission.

The members and friends of the church live in Hinckley, neighbouring towns, villages and the surrounding area. The faith of those who meet with the church is expressed as a living relationship with the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. The aim of the church is to present Him to the local community through the preaching of the Word, the work of the Holy Spirit and by faithful witness.

Worship at Mount Road Baptist Church at our Sunday worship on the Lord’s Day and at our weekday meetings places God and His Word at the centre of all that we do and is expressed through preaching of the Wordbiblical teaching, prayer and the singing of hymns and spiritual songs. The church is pleased to make recent sermons available by following the links on the main menu for morning sermons and evening sermons  and older sermons available by following the links on the main menu for sermon archive.

The doctrinal position of the church is reflected in our Articles of Faith, as stated in our Church Constitution. It is an evangelical church adhering to the principles of the reformed faith and the doctrines of grace. It stands in the life of historical Baptist confessions of faith such as the London Baptist Confession of 1689. We acknowledge that our Articles of Faith are a subordinate standard, the Holy Scriptures alone being our supreme authority and guide. All meetings of the church are held in the sight of God and in accordance with His Word.

Weekly Meetings of the Church

Sunday Prayer 9.30 am ~~ Worship 10.00 am and Worship 6.00 pm ~~ Bible Club 10.30 am

Monday Prayer 7.30 pm

Tuesday Little Lambs 9.45 am

Wednesday Bible Study 7.30 pm

Friday Good Neighbours’ Fellowship 2.15 pm ~~ Ichthus 7.45 pm

In addition to the weekly meetings of the church there are other regular meetings of the church including Ladies Prayer, Missionary Prayer and Bible Study Groups

The church is pleased to make her sermons available by following the links morning and evening or sermon archive


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